Political Risk Analysis and Consultancy

Political risk analysts act as consultants to private sector companies seeking to expand their business to different countries, undertaking strategic investment analysis to evaluate the opportunities or threats which may impact on corporate success in the region of interest. Political risk analysts draw on their knowledge of the political, economic and social factors in a specific geographical area, to make recommendations. Individuals working in political risk analysis typically possess in-depth knowledge about certain geographical areas, with some specialising in the politics or economics of specific counties or regions. This knowledge allows analysts to advise clients about emerging and frontier markets, where information is typically sparse and the political landscape complex.

Getting In and Getting Experience

As with any sector, if you are interested in this career you will need relevant work experience, internships or volunteering to boost your chances of being recruited. Entry requirements vary depending upon the organisation; however recruiters tend to look for specialist knowledge and analytical skills from graduates of any degree discipline, with particular interest in those with a background in business, economics, politics or international development.

If you're keen to break into this field, it would be useful to develop accounting and financial skills, in addition to an understanding of politics. The majority of risk specialists start their careers within a risk or intelligence consultancy firms or a think tank, which often provide internships and graduate programmes, but a speculative approach may be necessary.

Desired skills:

Recruiters look for strong decision making skills and 'intelligent risk takers' who are well-informed of current events. They also look for individuals who can research and write concise and coherent reports, communicating complex ideas effectively. Language skills would be an asset in this career, but not a requirement.

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