Natural resources and earth science

The exploration and extraction of the Earth's natural resources offers varied career opportunities. From searching for minerals through to harnessing natural energy from the wind, the sector needs scientists, engineers and managers to make it happen.

If you are interested in working in oil and gas and renewable energy industries, see our energy and utilities sector for more job profiles and information:

Getting in and getting experience

Typically graduates entering this sector require a technical qualification in an earth sciences or engineering discipline.

Graduate schemes and placements are available, many schemes will be advertised through traditional methods but speculative applications are not uncommon in this sector.

A relevant postgraduate qualification is often required for some roles for example hydrogeology and geophysics. It can also increase your chances if applying to international companies who recruit globally, as applicants from the US and Europe will often have studied for longer and to a higher level.

Relevant work experience can improve your chances. If your course does not include an industrial placement year, apply for summer internships before your final year.