Environment and natural resources

Environmental work is an area that attracts many graduates and entry can be highly competitive. It encompasses a wide range of technical and non-technical jobs in industry, local and national government and voluntary organisations. Explore our pages for further advice on types of roles available, getting experience, where to find jobs and more.

Getting in and getting experience

Entry to some occupations in the sector is only possible with a specific or relevant degree. Graduates without a science background can gain entry to some lines of work with relevant postgraduate training and work experience.

Graduate entry level positions occur in lots of different types of organisations such as multidisciplinary civil engineering firms, local authorities, specialist consultancies & NGOs. Check websites but making speculative approaches to organisations that interest you, both for work experience and full-time work can be advantageous. Use networking opportunities, attend events and make use of professional bodies.

  • Earth Science and Environmental Work Download our guide for detailed information about getting experience, job search tips and graduate schemes, postgraduate study and finding opportunities in the North West.

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