Oil and gas

The petroleum industry is usually split into two areas: upstream and downstream

  • Upstream refers to the search for, extraction and production of crude oil and natural gas.
  • Downstream refers to not only the refining of crude oil, but also the distribution and sale of natural gas and products derived from it.

Getting in and getting experience

Working in this area typically requires a technical qualification and entry can be difficult without it. There may be other commercial roles available to graduates with non-technical degrees.

Relevant work experience gained from an industrial placement or internship can be an advantage. For some roles a postgraduate qualification can be useful if you are not studying to MEng level. Many companies recruit globally and graduates who have studied overseas have often studied for longer than in the UK. Candidates need to be flexible and adaptable in a sector that is prone to constant change.

Key employers are in the energy industries, including gas and electric, plus suppliers to the production of energy from fossil fuels. For example:

  • Gas and steam turbines (e.g. Rolls Royce, Siemens, Alstom)
  • Boiler manufacturers (e.g. Doosan, Greens Power Ltd)
  • Components and materials (e.g. castings, forgings and coatings manufacture)

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