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Recruiter videos

Videos are a great way for recruiters to share what it is like to work for their organisation or company, content varies from panoramic shots of the office environment to hearing about the kind of projects people work on day-to-day. Companies often ask their recent graduates to be part of their recruiter videos to help potential new employees (you!) understand their company culture, what the company and people are all about and to help you decide if their company would be a good fit for you.

You can find a range of recruiter videos hosted on YouTube from well-known brands like Dropbox, Shopify, Twitter, Hubspot and you should always include watching a company's video as part of your research. There are often several recruiter videos online showing different aspects of their business and culture so make sure you review them all. If you are impressed with a company's recruiter video write and tell them, if they have gone to the trouble of filming they are usually open to feedback and it could open the door for a speculative job enquiry. As part of Manchester Graduate Talent we have connected with a number of employers who have joined with us to bring you an insight into their companies.


The videos accessible via this webpage have been produced by external organisations and the University is not responsible for their content. Any views or opinions expressed in the videos are solely those of the external organisations.