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Advertising, marketing, public relations and sales are attractive career options for many students, which also means they can be extremely competitive. There are some similarities between these areas. However, the main distinction is that advertising, PR and marketing are about attracting the interest of potential 'customers'. Sales is about the techniques of converting this interest, usually into a purchase.

Roles exist working 'in house' or for independent consultancies or service providers. A variety of job roles exist, from those that focus on planning and strategy to those that are more creative. A related degree is not always required but relevant work experience usually is.

Advertising, PR and marketing are growth industries in the North West, and the region is developing a strong niche market in digital media, offering opportunities for highly motivated and talented graduates. To find vacancies, use industry news and job sites and check the relevant professional bodies for local groups in the North West.

Explore the areas for further advice on types of roles available, getting experience, where to find jobs and more.

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