Advertising, marketing, PR and sales

Advertising, public relations (PR), sales and digital media can be seen as aspects of marketing. Marketing raises the awareness of the organisation and its products/services through various forms of communication to capture the attention of the target audience.

No matter what your degree background, you can forge a career in this sector, if you are willing to put in the work to gain relevant experience.

Due to a growth in digital media and marketing, and an increase in the number of communications agencies who offer their clients a mixture of services, there can sometimes be a lack of clear distinction between advertising, marketing and PR. Roles can incorporate many different elements, and whilst at first this may make opportunities difficult to identify, it can be fantastic for graduates with an open-minded approach.

Roles exist working 'in house' to market an organisation's own products or services or for independent consultancies or service providers who work on behalf of client organisations. Job roles vary from those that focus on planning and strategy to those that are more creative. Marketing roles in a small business may involve you getting a range of experience for example in sales, marketing advertising and PR. In larger organisation there are more specialised teams focusing on one aspect. Working for a specialised agency would involve providing specific services to client organisations.

Explore each area for advice on types of roles available, getting experience and where to find jobs.

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