Ameen: Future Leaders Programme at GSK

In 2020, Ameen graduated from The University of Manchester with a degree in Information Technology Management for Business (ITMB). Ameen is currently working as a Technology Associate on the Future Leaders Programme at GSK. His job title is ViiV Tech Business Partner.

Did you always know you wanted to work in this sector?

No. I found out about this graduate scheme during a careers event at Alliance Manchester Business School. I also knew someone who was already working at GSK.

What is the structure of the scheme?

It is a two year rotational graduate scheme. There are three different 8-month rotations i.e., you work in three different teams across the organisation. The first rotation is organised by GSK, meaning you are placed in a team based on your background and interests. For the next two 8-month rotations you can choose which team you want to work in. You are able to work anywhere within the organisation as long as the role is a technology orientated, e.g., for my second rotation I am working in a completely different company that GSK owns called ViiV.

What does a normal day look like in your current role / placement?

Since joining in September 2020, I have been working from home in Manchester. My normal day consists of catch-up meetings with important stakeholders, working on various projects and working on my IT certification. I enjoy speaking to colleagues across the world and learning about their experiences. It is not what I expected as I was expecting to be working in the office in London. However, regardless of this, I have still managed to have an amazing time working from home. I have also been able to make meaningful relationships with my colleagues.

Would you recommend this graduate scheme for current students / recent graduates?

I would strongly recommend this graduate scheme as you will have the ability to pick and choose different areas to work in. For example I have worked in Innovation, and I am now currently working in Digital Marketing. Because of working in these different areas I have been exposed to colleagues/leaders who have completely different skillsets. The graduate scheme has a strong emphasis on development, hence the title Future Leaders Programme. This means the company is willing to pay for you to take courses and complete various IT certifications.

What was the application and assessment process like?

The application process involves submitting your CV, then completing psychometric tests. If you pass these first two stages you will then be invited to an assessment centre. The assessment centre is during a full working day and is separated into three segments: an interview, individual task, and a group activity.

I prepared for this by doing various practice psychometric tests. For the assessment centre I read a lot about the company so that I could bring this knowledge into the interview.

Do you have any advice for final year students going through the recruitment process?

My advice is to demonstrate to the recruiters the reason why you are applying to this specific graduate scheme. For example, this graduate scheme has an emphasis on making leaders and if you want to be a leader one day then be sure to strategically mention this during your interview.

What are your plans for the future?

I have just finished the first year of this graduate scheme, therefore my current plans are to complete the full two years of this scheme so that I can make an informed decision on what and where my landing role should be in GSK. I have been able to work in different areas of technology and I am now aware what areas I like and dislike. Without completing different rotations I don’t think I would have the skillset and knowledge that I have now.