International summer internships

It may be possible to find a summer internship outside the UK. It may not be called an internship, and indeed the word internship does not mean the same in all countries. Depending on the type of opportunities you are interested in you should also consider other opportunities which may be listed as summer jobs, placements, temporary work.


  • Check the timing – it may not fit in your summer vacation period.
  • When are they likely to be advertised? It may not be the same as in the UK.
  • In some countries an internship is the same as a placement and MUST be part of your course. See
  • It may not be paid. Unpaid internships are common in some countries.
  • Eligibility. Do you need a visa or to be a national or studying in that country?
  • Do you need to speak the language of the country? Can you work in English?
  • What is the application method? Does your application need to be in the home language of the country.
  • What does a CV or resume look like for this country? There is some guidance on - just be aware that guidance may not be purely aimed at the student /graduate market.

Find opportunities

You will find opportunities in a variety of ways:

  • Directly on company websites.
  • Some will be advertised to students via jobsearch websites, others however will be advertised via internship providers - it is likely you will have to pay to access these opportunities.
  • Using LinkedIn groups and alumni networks

Jobsearch and information sites

  • CareerConnect Search opportunities by country and / or location.
  • GoinGlobal Access to job and employer information around the world.
  • Prospects country guides information and links for finding jobs plus visa information.
  • Prospects internships guide Includes listings of international internship providers, note you will have to pay for some of these opportunities. Use the prospects jobsearch facility with a filter of work experience and Europe or worldwide for current opportunities.
  • Target jobs jobsearch abroad - select internship as a filter.
  • AIESEC Placements and internships, including management, technical, education and development, in over 90 countries.
  • ALZEA Organise paid and unpaid internships in Europe and globally. They charge a fee for this however this is refunded if no suitable internship is found.
  • British Council Language Assistants Teaching opportunities abroad.
  • Erasmus Intern Advertises hundreds of internships and placements across Europe, from 3-12 months.
  • Placements and internships website, searchable by location and sector/profession.
  • iAgora Jobs board listing placements and internships in over 20 countries. Some job listings are only accessible to fee-paying members.
  • iHipo International jobs and internships, both paid and unpaid.
  • IST Plus internships, teaching and volunteering in the USA.