Using Graduate JobSearch

Who can use this site?

This site is open for anyone to use. However, a small number of sites (CareerConnect and the Manchester Graduate Internship Programme) are only open to University of Manchester students and graduates.

Using external links and searches

Most links are to external sites. The University of Manchester has no control over the content on these sites and cannot recommend or endorse any of the adverts you may see. As with any online source, use your own judgement.

We have used search terms targeting jobs suitable for graduates interested in different occupational areas. In spite of this, sites will often include

  • "featured" adverts - of any sort, often at the top of the list of adverts
  • adverts outside the set search criteria - these often appear further down the list of adverts

This is irritating but a reality of using online job searches.

However, if you find broken links or a large number of unsuitable adverts on a link from this site, please email

Finding more jobs

Many of the links are targeted job searches from large job sites. For most of the sites, you can broaden or narrow your search criteria to suit your requirements.

However, online adverts are only one source of jobs for graduates. Graduates also find jobs through word of mouth, direct speculative applications to employers, agencies and more.