Regardless of what age you are employers should treat you fairly; this includes the application process as well as your time working for them. This legal protection means that you should have no reason to worry you are entering the employment market above the age of the average graduate. In fact when approached the right way your age can potentially be an asset through the recruitment process.

Support and Advice

The following organisations can offer further support and advice.

  • AGE UK Provides information on key topics including looking for work, education and training. There is also a free advice line you can call.
  • Age Action Alliance Includes a members' list of organisations that can support older workers.

Finding age positive employers

Companies largely embrace the benefits of having a workforce which encompasses staff of all ages and will welcome applications from mature students and graduates. As the Equality Act protects against discrimination on the grounds of age you won't need to disclose how old you are on an application even for graduate programmes.

Some employers will go further and endeavour more actively to employ staff with the skills and maturity which they might not find in younger employees.

The following resources list graduate recruiters who encourage applications from graduates of any age.