Work Experience Bursary Scheme 23/24

The University of Manchester Work Experience Bursary Scheme is now open.

Update: 23/5/24: Please note that we can now only accept applications from students who are currently receiving financial assistance from the University/UK Government. We have allocated all other available funds for the 23/24 Bursary scheme.

The scheme offers financial support for full time undergraduates of all years to undertake career enhancing work experience. The scheme supports low or unpaid work experience opportunities.

How could you benefit from a work experience bursary?

We want to help you with the costs of undertaking your career related work experience. This is why the Careers Service has a dedicated bursary fund which is open to full time undergraduate students.

This bursary can be used to cover the following expenses which you may incur:

  • travel expenses
  • accommodation costs
  • and/or dependent care costs

The bursary cannot cover the cost of:

  • food
  • clothing
  • travel visas
  • travel insurance
  • living costs
  • course related placements or electives
  • conferences
  • career related open days
  • retrospective Work Experience bursary applications
  • Work Experience bursary applications for academic year 2024/25

You can apply for up to £250 in each academic year. If you are a student who is in receipt of the full maintenance loan (e.g. household income less than £25,000) to support your studiesand/or a bursary or other financial support from the university, you are also eligible to apply for an additional £750, and therefore up to a maximum of £1000 in each academic year. If you are unsure of your financial status please refer to the student support funding pages.

Am I eligible?

Take a look at the points below to see if you qualify.

You must be:

  • a full time undergraduate;
  • a UK or international undergraduate;
  • considering work experience that contributes to your personal development, your skills development and/or supports your future career aspirations.

For final year undergraduates only:

  • you must be able to complete your work experience by the end of June 2024.

For more details, see our Terms and Conditions relating to:

Bursary Eligibility

How to Apply

Overseas Experience

Evidencing Expenses

How to apply

Find out how to apply for your Work Experience Bursary.

If you have any questions or problems throughout the application process, please contact