How to Apply: Terms & Conditions 23/24

You must complete an application form online via CareerConnect and upload proof of the work experience opportunity that you will be undertaking. You will also be required to upload a copy of your CV.

To find the application form, use the link above or click on the “Managed Opportunities” tab on your CareerConnect homepage. If you click on “UoM Schemes List” you should be able to select “Work Experience Bursary 23/24”.

Applications will be considered on the basis of the information provided on the Application Form, forntightly, for as long as the fund exists. Early submissions are advisable where possible.

Each application may cover multiple instances of Work Experience in one academic year and you may apply more than once in each academic year. Regardless of the number of instances of Work Experience undertaken or number of applications made, a maximum of £250, or £1000 for those in receipt of Means Tested Support, will be awarded to any one Relevant Student in one academic year.

Complete the online Application Form via CareerConnect and upload.

A copy of the Work Experience offer details (including the dates of work experience); job description of the role being undertaken; current CV; evidence of estimated travel, accommodation, and or dependent care costings for the duration of the work experience.

Evidence needs to be submitted by 5.00pm on each Friday.

All applicants will be notified whether they have been successful or unsuccessful in being awarded a Work Experience Bursary within 10 working days of the relevant closing date.

How will your application be assessed?

In considering the Application Form, the University will be looking for evidence, from the information provided in your Application Form that the Work Experience:

  • Complies with the conditions for Work Experience as outlined above; and
  • Contributes to your personal development; and/or
  • Enhances your skills development; and/or
  • Supports your future career aspirations; and/or
  • Enhances your workplace skills in the eyes of future employers

The University reserves the right to interview applicants, either by telephone or in person should it wish to do so. In addition, the University may take steps to verify the information provided in the “Your Details” section of the Application Form. Applications will be considered on a first come first served basis until such time as the allocated funding has been exhausted, and there is no guarantee that an application will be successful or will receive the full amount requested. By submitting an application for a Work Experience Bursary, you acknowledge and agree:

  • that the University reserves the right to decide at its absolute discretion how it allocates Work Experience Bursaries to applicants; and
  • any personal data submitted as part of an application will be held securely and used only for the purposes of participating in, administering and awarding the Work Experience Bursaries.

Before submitting an application applicants are advised to check the bursary information page on the Careers Service website regularly to ensure that applications for the Work Experience Bursary are still open.

Successful applications

If your application is successful, the University shall notify you of the maximum amount which can be claimed.

  • You will be required to evidence, with original receipts, the Expenses incurred as part of the Work Experience. No other sums shall be payable to you by the University as a result of the Work Experience Bursaries scheme.

  • The University reserves the right to terminate and, where appropriate, claw back the Work Experience Bursary at any stage should it become apparent that the Work Experience is not being carried out by the recipient or there is a failure to produce the relevant original receipts.