Sample speculative cover letter

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Somers Town
London, NW1 5PE

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Ms Aubrey Fortain
Looking Good Magazine
1 Northumberland Street
London, WC1A 3BE

30th September 2011

Dear Ms Fortain,

Re: Application for Work Experience

I am a second year History student at The University of Manchester seeking work experience and enclose my CV and samples of my writing.

I have been an avid reader of every edition of Looking Good Magazine since it was first published nine months ago. I would love to make a contribution to a magazine and business which I enjoy reading and admire so much. I particularly like the ‘Diva on a Budget’ section, which is both witty and informative and, as I’ve discovered to my benefit, well researched! I also learn a lot from ‘Catwalk Talk’ with views from models on what’s in and what’s out. I follow you on social media, something I enjoy doing as I am confident in using Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

I love writing about fashion and regularly write fashion items for the student newspaper, The Mancunion. I’ve also started writing a fashion blog and keep up-to-date with fashion news by reading a range of magazines and newspapers and visiting fashion shows and exhibitions whenever I can. I work part-time as a Sales Assistant for Zara and this gives me an insight into the latest trends and styles that different age groups are drawn to, something I think could be relevant to your magazine as I’ve noticed you appeal to both teenagers and women in their twenties.

My ambition is to work as a fashion journalist and I am eager to gain relevant experience to help me achieve this goal. I would be delighted if there were an opportunity to spend time at your magazine, for a day a week over a period of time, or full time for one or two weeks during the university breaks. If this is not possible, I would be keen to hear about any other opportunities you could offer. I am flexible and hardworking and eager to add value to your magazine.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Veronica Jackson