IT in the education and training sector

Virtual learning environments or Learning management software

On-line courses have been around for a long time. The convenience of self-directed learning grew from postal correspondence courses through to the televisual advances of the Open University, and now on to e-courses offered by providers such as Learn Direct Universities and colleges are providing learners with the opportunity to take courses through the internet. Blackboard, WebCT and Moodle are becoming familiar words in our vocabulary. IT companies like RM are developing virtual learning environments as they become more sophisticated and user-friendly.

To find companies that make VLE or LMS simply search online - not all will have graduate entry type roles, but you could approach them about work experience.

Employers offering graduate and professional jobs include: RM, Pearson & CAPITA.

Training simulators

Aircraft, air traffic control and oil-rig simulators give powerful training tools to ensure competent operation in critical environments. In the world of sport golf simulators analyse body posture and swing techniques for the budding professional or committed enthusiast.