Recruitment consultancy

A recruitment consultant acts as a link between organisations looking to hire staff and candidates seeking employment. They will typically work with a number of clients building relationships with them in order to get a better insight into what they are looking for from future recruits. They also work with candidates and promote vacancies that suit their skill set.

An essential aspect of the role is for recruitment consultants to generate business, this is the sales element of the job. They will spend a large proportion of their time selling their services, often through cold calling. Once business has been won, consultants will then manage part or all of the recruitment process; from vacancy advertising, CV short listing, interviewing and managing offers of employment. Recruitment consultants tend to specialise in a particular sector e.g. working with finance or marketing professionals, and take responsibility for all activities in a defined geographical area.

In-house recruiter roles also exist. The role differs from other recruitment consultant roles mainly because it does not have such a strong sales focus. In-house recruiters take responsibility for recruiting individuals in their own organisation. Daily activities include developing job descriptions and personal specifications, shortlisting, interviewing candidates and working with external recruitment agencies.

Getting into the role

Recruitment consultancy is a role generally open to graduates regardless of degree subject. Employers will be looking for you to have the right skills and experiences particularly your ability to sell, negotiate and build relationships with others.

  • Experience of sales, marketing or customer service roles will be advantageous. They will help demonstrate that you have the relevant skills. Use CareerConnect to search for relevant part-time work or internships.
  • Becoming involved in students' societies or teams will also show you have the ability to build relationships.
  • Read industry specific journals such as Recruiter to become more commercially aware.

Vacancy sources

  • CareerConnect Search for graduate jobs, work experience and volunteering opportunities.
  • TARGET Jobs Find graduate jobs and internships.
  • Simply HR Jobs Search recruitment roles via location and salary.
  • Changeboard Search for a range of different recruitment roles.