There is a wide range of career opportunities available in sports and often work experience and relevant sporting qualifications (eg coaching awards) are a prerequisite to entering this area of work. This page is split into the two different areas of sports from roles ranging from administrative and management to more hands on jobs such as playing or coaching. The links below also provide general job vacancies within the world of sport.

Work in sports management and administration

There are several different career options available in the sport sector that are seen to be more office or administration based. If you are passionate about the sports industry but do not want to become a coach or an instructor, it might be worth considering one of the options below.

Sports agency work

This is a highly competitive field - experience in sport and leisure or marketing is likely to be a prerequisite for entry. Related areas such as sports marketing and PR work are also possible routes in.

Research companies/agencies using the Association of Professional Sales Agents websites or ask at local sports centres and venues.

Sport services management

To find out about your options in a particular sport, look at the relevant governing bodies - eg Football Association, British Cycling Federation. Jobs in this sector vary from communications and marketing to administration and PR.

Sportspeople, coaching and instructing

If you're interested in using your skills and knowledge in a more physical setting, there are a few different jobs that will give you the opportunity to do this.

Sports professional

It is difficult to make a full time living from being a sports professional. Most professionals will make their money through sponsorships and working part time as a coach. Joining a club or an amateur organisation is a great way to hone your skills and get yourself recognised in the sporting world.

Sports coach

Sports coaches teach sports and skills to individuals and teams of all sporting abilities. To become a sports coach you will need to have a relevant coaching qualification that is recognised by the governing body for your sport.

Fitness instructor/Personal trainer

Jobs can vary from one on one personal training to leading work out classes. For both roles you will need the relevant qualifications and a keen interest in keeping fit.