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What are IT skills?

IT skills are required in most jobs, and you will be expected to be familiar with the basic functions of the Microsoft Office suite, such as Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint. You will need to demonstrate that you have the ability to accept, learn and adapt to new technology as required by the job.

It is possible to complete the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) qualification through external providers. Computer Literacy and Information Technology (CLAIT) courses are also available at local colleges.

Application form and interview questions

Some examples of application form and interview questions which are designed to test your IT skills:

  • Describe your experience of using computers on your degree course.
  • Give me an example of how you use computers in your spare time.
  • What do you think the impact of future technology innovations would be on our sector?
  • Detail your level of competency and familiarity with IT packages.

If you are unsure how to structure an answer for either application or interview questions, visit the application and interviews section of our website and find out about the CAR (context, action, result) and STAR (situation, task, action, result) models. Our recommendations are based on feedback from employers.

Assessment centres

It is common practice to expect candidates to produce presentations using PowerPoint, and sometimes written reports using both Word & Excel. E-Tray exercises will require you to use Outlook to organise correspondence and deal with in priority order.

Technical interviews may include a practical element to enable you to showcase your advanced IT skills. At assessment centre you maybe faced with a technical test, depending on the job role.

Activities where you can develop IT skills

You may find that due to the nature of your degree you use word processing software far more than Excel. Below are links to beginner and intermediate tutorials to help you better understand what Excel is used for and to teach you how to use it.

The following activities, both locally and on campus, may be a good ways to develop your IT skills: