Student Wellbeing Assistant at The University of Manchester

I am a graduate intern at the university working as a ‘Student Wellbeing Assistant (Graduate Intern).’ My role is primarily focused on encouraging students to look after their wellbeing by promoting the university’s evidence-based framework the ‘Six Ways to Wellbeing’.

Give a quick snapshot of your role

I work with my team to organise and run events for the students with the aim of helping students look after and improve their wellbeing. Some examples of events I have currently organised include a mindful plant making activity, guide dogs meet up sessions and a talk based around understanding the difference between Limerence (unhealthy obsession) and a healthy relationship. I find it really rewarding when I collect feedback from students and hear about how the events to have helped them with their mental health and wellbeing.

I also support my team with the communications aspect. One example is the ‘Difficult situations surrounding Valentine’s Day’ post that I created for our @uomwellbeing Instagram page.

Another role of mine also involves overseeing and managing the wellbeing champions programme, which is where students can create content and run their own events that relate to the six ways to wellbeing.

What have you learnt during your MGT?

With the different activities I’ve been involved with so far, my role has allowed me to gain more confidence within the world of work and has allowed me to develop more skills that will be relevant when applying for future jobs. My role is quite flexible and so I’m able to tailor it to what I’m passionate about and make it my own. Working at the university also allows me to work on my professional development. One example includes, having the opportunity to apply for an additional role as a staff mediator which I was accepted for and, having the flexibility to get involved with other services and activities I’m interested in that I feel will help me with my future career.

Why would you recommend MGT?

I feel like working with an MGT role is a really nice first full-time job to ease into after graduating from university. It allows you to explore and get comfortable with the world of work in a setting you’re already familiar with and have knowledge about. There are so many MGT roles available at the university, so you’ll definitely find something you’re passionate about.

What are your future plans?

I don’t currently have any definite future plans but I’m hoping to maybe work within the mental health/psychological research field in the future and hopefully carry on having a positive impact on others’ mental health and wellbeing.

Please summarise your MGT experience in three words

Three words to describe my experience so far: Comfortable, Enjoyable, Self-improving