Employers are increasingly seeking to recruit 'global graduates' - graduates who see the world through a wider lens and who have both global knowledge and cultural agility. This programme is designed to give you the skills that employers are looking for.

You will travel in a small group to one of the eight destinations visiting alumni from a range of organisations to learn more about their businesses, roles, career journeys and what life is like living and working in the city. Throughout the visit you'll be able to practice your existing skills, develop new ones and start to build your professional networks.

You’ll also be expected to play an ambassadorial role for The University of Manchester and share information about key developments for the institution.

The meetings with alumni will be arranged for you in advance by the Global Graduates team and we will work with you before you travel to ensure that you are fully prepared.

You must be available to travel between Friday 12 and Sunday 21 June, 2020.