Meet the Grads events

Our Meet the Grads events connect you with graduates who have gone on to a diverse range of careers. These alumni are on hand to talk to you about their experience, offer advice and answer all your questions.

Why should I attend?

These events are a unique opportunity to ask questions in an informal environment and meet friendly people working in the industry! The alumni panellists were once in your shoes, studying for their degree and exploring career options, and will understand the challenges you are facing. You can ask alumni about how they made decisions about their careers, how they made successful applications, and about their experiences of working life.

What should I expect?

Meet the Grads networking sessions can be either in-person on campus, or virtually via Zoom. There are advantages to each format, but the insight you gain will be the same however it’s delivered. Each session starts with a brief introduction to the alumni panellists; online MtGs then head straight into questions from the audience, to allow the session to be more easily recorded. In-person MtG sessions involve each panellist joining a table of students. You will have the opportunity to ask them questions for 10 minutes, before they move to another table, and you’re joined by a different panellist.

If you’re nervous about asking questions, you can simply wait and listen to the discussion, but we recommend you make notes in case there is useful material you wish to refer back to later.