If you are unable to make or no longer need your appointment please cancel it in good time. Ring 0161 275 2829.

If you arrive late for a careers appointment it may not be practical to give you the advice you need and you may be asked to rebook.
If you fail to attend an appointment it will count as one of your allocation which may mean that you can't get an appointment when you need one.


Q Why is it only 15 minutes?
A 15 minutes is long enough to focus on 1 document. Your document should already be at a good standard if you have used our guides.

Q Why can't I find any appointments?
A Appointments book up fast, once they are all gone you will get a message "no results are found". Appointments are released one day in advance (e.g. on Monday for Tuesday).

Q Will I see a specialist in Engineering, Law, teaching etc for my CV?
A Our applications advice team can help you with any application or CV regardless of the role you are applying for. You need to bring the job description with you so that the adviser can assess the key skills required and help you to create a tailored CV.

Q I'm not in Manchester at the moment how can I get help with my CV?
A If you cannot come in person see help by email.

Q What if I need advice on multiple documents like a CV and cover letter?
A We recommend you book 2 sessions back to back with the same adviser to get a 30 minute appointment.

Q I have a disability can I get a longer session?
A Yes you can book 2 sessions back to back to get a 30 minute appointment. Disability status is not recorded on CareersLink, book via phone or in person and mention your disability in order to access up to eight appointments in 30 days.

Q I need help with spelling & grammar what can I do?
A The adviser may suggest that you need support with spelling & grammar but that is not the focus of these appointments. We suggest contacting the University Language Centre for support.

Q Why do I need to print the document, can't I use my laptop?
A The adviser may write notes on your documents to illustrate points. This is not possible on a laptop and it will take much longer so you will achieve less in the time.

Q What happens if I miss my appointment?
A You will use one of your allocated appointments unless you cancel before the start time.

Q My applications keep getting rejected, what can I do?
A Booking an applications Advice appointment is a good way to get useful feedback. Here are some other practical steps you can take when dealing with application rejections.