Careers Service

International students

How we can help

We provide specialist resources, advice and events for international students at The University of Manchester to help with career planning and making the most of your time whilst studying in Manchester.

In addition you can use all of our services for students, including individual careers advice, applications and CV help and access to job vacancies and events.

What's on?

Making the most of Manchester

UK and global employers look for a range of skills, work and extra-curricular experiences in addition to a degree. Explore opportunities to get experience and build skills to improve your chances of getting the job you want after graduation.

Working in the UK after graduation

If you want to work in the UK after graduation, it's important to research your work visa options. We can provide an overview of general visa information and advice on how work visas affect UK job hunting.

Returning home and working in another country

Advice and resources to help you research the job market and find jobs outside the UK.