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Manchester Gold mentoring

Taking part in our mentoring programme is your way of getting information, advice and guidance about your future from a mentor. They could be doing the job you're aiming for, working in an area that interests you or have graduated from the same course as you.

What is it?

Manchester Gold Mentoring has been running for over 10 years and is highly regarded by both recruiters and students. You will be matched to your own mentor and will be in contact with them over a six month period.

Manchester Gold Mentoring is a great opportunity for you to access the advice and support of someone who has experience, insights and hindsight. Many of our mentors are University of Manchester alumni who wish to give something back, share the knowledge they have gained of opportunities after graduation and guide current students. Some are also talent spotting for their organisation. All are volunteers and are willingly offering to work on a one-to-one basis with you. They will dedicate their time to building a mentoring relationship with you and helping you achieve your mentoring objectives which might include, for example:

  • Gain an insight into different roles, organisations and sectors
  • Develop skills (communication, relationship building, organisation)
  • Access information and advice from experienced professionals
  • Build confidence and commercial awareness
  • Demonstrate a pro-active approach to improving your employability
  • Discuss expectations, anxieties and concerns in a confidential environment
  • Network and make new contacts

We run two mentoring programmes per annum:

Manchester Gold Autumn (November – May)

  • This programme is open to current undergraduate students, Masters students and doctoral researchers.
  • Applications for the Autumn programme will open again in September 2016.

Manchester Gold Finalists (April – October)

  • This programme is open to final year, undergraduate students only.
  • Applications for Manchester Gold Finalists are now closed.

Both programmes are competitive and it is important to prepare carefully in order to submit a strong application.
You can apply for both the Autumn programme and the Finalists programme, if you are eligible.


Applications for Manchester Gold Finalists are now closed.
Applications for Manchester Gold Autumn will open in September 2016.