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Manchester Mentoring

Mentoring is a way of getting information, advice and guidance about your future from someone with experience, insight and hindsight. Your mentor could be working in an area that interests you or have graduated from the same course as you.

As a student of The University of Manchester, you have exclusive access to our mentoring portal - The Manchester Network, where you can connect with mentors.

We allow you to either connect once with a mentor via email or over the phone, or establish a deeper, longer-term mentoring partnership.

Connect with a mentor in the following ways:

  • Manchester Gold An official mentoring programme, where you are paired with one exclusive mentor over a 6-month period to get the information, advice and guidance you need. You must apply to take part in Manchester Gold and we offer 3 start points throughout the year.
  • Ask me about Allows you to connect with multiple mentors on a one-off basis for careers-related advice. There is no application process and you can connect with mentors at any point throughout the year.