Shortlist.Me: Real world interview practice for students and graduates.

Shortlist.Me is an interview preparation platform which helps you practice a range of different careers and recruiter videos. In a competitive job market feeling comfortable in interviews is key and this takes practice and experience – the more you interview, the more you learn about yourself and what is expected.

Shortlist.Me interview practice is available 24/7 from any location. You can access the platform directly and complete practice interviews independently at a time that best suits you.

What types of interview can you practice on?

If you haven’t had a lot of interview experience it is a great way to get you started. You can practice an industry interview, for example, Engineering, Business, Graduate, Legal, Marketing or a basic interview or you can search for specific companies that have uploaded their own interviews.

You can try as many practice videos as you like!

Get started

Make sure you have a working webcam, microphone and good internet connection. ShortList.Me works best using Google Chrome and you can use laptop or smartphone/tablet

To make sure you are fully interview prepared we recommend

  1. Watch our GET INTERVIEW READY videos
  2. Watch our ‘On-Demand’ Video workshops
  3. Practice your Interview Technique via ShortList.Me
  4. Got an interview coming up? Congratulations! Book an Interview Simulation Appointment with our Careers Consultants.

Privacy Notice

You are required to opt-in to the Shortlister privacy statement to access and complete an interview. Shortlister privacy notice can be found by clicking here.

The Careers Service will have access to student and gradaute information including completed interviews and simple AI feedback reports. Where students and graduates are offered more detailed feedback Careers Staff will have access to this report. Information provided will be used to inform and develop Careers support materials and at times support students and graduates with further interview practice. All information will be retained inline with The University of Manchester’s data retention policies. More information can be found Privacy and Information Governance.