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Use our guide, Careers Success for Masters: A guide to what to do and when to do it - 2019, to find out what you need to know to understand and access opportunities in the UK labour market.

The ‘Find a Job’ section of the Careers Service website is full of good advice and information on how to do just that.

Read this or you will miss out!

Networking is one of the, if not the, most important job hunting strategies you can have (even though no one likes the word and almost everyone hates the thought of doing it):

  • People who know that you are looking for a job and know what you are looking for can forward vacancies they come across.
  • Talk to people doing the job you want to do to get advice (NOT ask for a job!) on what experience you need, how to get it and how to apply

Remember - all networking really means is talking to people, asking for advice and making friends.


Don’t let all of that good research on yourself and your options go to waste – apply for jobs! Everything you need to know to succeed is available on our Applications and Interviews pages