How to guides: a postgraduate perspective

Much of the Careers Service website is applicable to both undergraduates and postgraduates. However, these 'How to...' guides aim to:

  • answer specifically postgraduate questions;
  • point out where postgraduate careers may differ from undergraduate careers;
  • highlight careers resources and actions more appropriate for postgraduates;
  • help you put your postgraduate experience into perspective for potential employers.

How to guides

Explore - expand your options and stretch yourself

Connect - build and get the best from your network

Reflect - recognise your skills

Communicate - get your message across to different audiences

Persevere - learn from setbacks and keep going

Feedback, or suggestions for a new 'How to...' guide?

If you are a University of Manchester postgraduate and have any feedback on these guides, or suggestions for a new postgraduate careers 'How to...' guide which you think should be added to this section, we'd love to hear from you. Email us at, with a subject line of 'Postgraduate Careers Website'