Make the most of Manchester

It's not just the Careers Service who can help your career.

As a University of Manchester student, this is your chance to

  • try new experiences
  • learn more about yourself, your skills and capabilities
  • interact with your fellow students, recent graduates, academics and employers
  • discover what you love doing (and what you don't)

It's down to you to take action, but by choosing to study at the University of Manchester, you gained access to some amazing opportunities.

Get the most out of your investment in your education by using all the resources you can while you're here:

Your academic life

  • Your School Including opportunities to learn skills as part of your programme, learn from - and help - other students with our PASS and peer mentor schemes, get personal support from academic advisers or personal tutors, go to School alumni and employer events, get access to contacts within academia and outside
  • University College for Interdisciplinary Learning A wide range of credit-bearing undergraduate units and extra-curricular awards to broaden your undergraduate experience, develop your skills and inspire you
  • Manchester Enterprise Centre Supporting interest in commercial and social enterprises, whatever your degree. Includes credit-bearing undergraduate units, enterprise competitions and the chance to meet those who have set up their own businesses and social enterprises.
  • The Library - My Learning Essentials An award-winning programme of skills support workshops and online resources

Your social life

  • The University of Manchester Students' Union Connect with other students, try a new activity, take on a leadership role, get personal support
  • SPORT Manchester Keep fit and healthy, make friends, develop teamwork, communication and leadership skills - and learn how to persevere when the competition gets tough
  • Volunteering Become part of our local community, develop new friendships and skills, and make a difference to others - and to yourself
  • International Society If you want to develop a global outlook, whatever your nationality, meet up with Manchester students from over 130 countries
  • Explore Manchester Get involved with the city beyond the campus

Your personal life

  • Student Support All our services in one place, whatever you're dealing with
  • Counselling Service Keep problems at bay by trying some of their self-help and online resources at any time, or seek further support through group or one-to-one sessions
  • Nightline Need to talk? A confidential phone service, run by students for students, for whatever's on your mind
  • Disabled Students' Support Get the most out of your University of Manchester experience with the advice and support of people who understand your needs

Your future

For further suggestions on how you can make the most of Manchester to make a flying start on your career: