My Future

Six things you can do today could set you on the road to career success:

Explore, Connect, Communicate, Reflect, Take Action and Bounce Back

We've carried out research with two groups of our own recent graduates:

  • Those who quickly got into a range of great careers, such as teaching, science, engineering, business or freelance creative roles.
  • Those who struggled or were unemployed.

The group who made a swift move into the kinds of careers they wanted were strong in six areas:

  • Explore They stretched themselves, constantly tried new things, found out what they loved or hated, what they were good at, and explored what jobs and employers were out there.
  • Connect They talked to employers and alumni to learn about careers; they discussed their future with friends & family, sharing tips and ideas.
  • Communicate They learnt how to write CVs, conduct interviews, deliver presentations and how to communicate in a professional manner, both in person and online.
  • Reflect After testing themselves out ("Explore"), they thought about what they'd learnt & the skills they'd used, discussed it with others ("Connect"), and worked out how to translate this to future employers ("Communicate").
  • Take Action They had the courage to apply or put themselves forward for jobs or other opportunities;they acted early enough to increase their chances of success
  • Bounce Back They learnt how to deal with setbacks, to try again & to find ways round problems.

How can you make sure you're on the road to success?

All students

Use the links to Explore, Connect, Communicate, Reflect, Take Action and Bounce Back for further resources to help you take action


Try our short My Future questionnaire, exclusively for University of Manchester students (login to My Manchester required), to find out where you're strong, where you could take action and what you could do this year.

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Use our Careers Success for Masters interactive pdf and timetable to devise your own tailored plan for making the most of your Masters year.