Enrico: HSBC Global Technology Programme

Enrico graduated from The University of Manchester in 2020 with an MPhys Physics with Theoretical Physics. He is currently working as an Analyst on the HSBC Global Technology Programme.

Did you always know you wanted to work in this sector?

No, my interest in banking and the financial world only came as secondary to my passion for technology. Within the financial sector, I find it interesting that the use of latest technologies to translate is a competitive advantage for firms. So, for a person like me, who enjoys making use of the coolest, latest tech, it seemed logical to give this field a shot.

What is the structure of the scheme?

The HSBC Global Technology Programme is two year graduate scheme in one of the bank's many areas. In my cohort, we are within the same role for the entirety of the graduate scheme, but for future cohorts that might change. At the start, there is an expo similar to a careers fair, where roles are presented by managers and graduates place their top three choices to then get selected for one of them.

What does a normal day look like in your current role / placement?

Every role in the scheme is different, but personally, I get to interact with a multitude of different people from different parts of the bank. By having clear communication with my line manager, I was able to get involved with a few different projects. So, sometimes I will be coding, other times I am working on spreadsheets or having meetings. I do particularly enjoy coding and developing technical solutions, which is a limited part of what I do, but I have come to enjoy other aspects of my role, like interacting with colleagues from all over the bank.

Would you recommend this graduate scheme for current students / recent graduates?

HSBC is a great place to work and its graduate programme has something for everyone. The best part, personally, is the exposure to a workplace that is truly global and therefore there is an opportunity to network with people from all over the world and work with them day-in-day-out. The different roles available are also a very interesting aspect of this programme and both business-minded and technical-minded people will find a role that suits them.

What was the application and assessment process like?

There was a psychometric test, application form, a job simulation, a coding test and finally an assessment centre with a day of interviews. Overall, it is quite a lengthy process, but it is very well run and because it was quite spread out over time, it did not feel too cumbersome. I prepared for this by researching the bank's values and their work outside of finance, like different initiatives.

Do you have any advice for final year students going through the recruitment process?

I would say prepare for the coding test. Even if you don't know how to code, that is not a problem since they teach everything at the beginning of the programme as long as you are willing to learn. As my advice, I would say start early and apply as soon as possible as it is a very competitive programme.

What are your plans for the future?

I am still settling into the programme myself so for now I am enjoying my time here at HSBC. Although many colleagues have made long careers in the bank and that remains a possibility, I am still figuring out if that is what I want to do. I am stimulated by challenges so if an interesting role in technology appears internally or externally I will definitely consider it strongly.

The graduate programme helped me massively as it has acted as a springboard into a variety of sectors. Lots of other firms within finance, but also technology, will realise what an excellent company HSBC is and what a great programme they have.

It is also great for having already allowed me to expand my networking circle considerably, which is always an asset in the professional world.

Finally, HSBC really believes in upskilling even though it might be at their detriment (since it makes its own employees attractive to other firms) so it invests heavily in certifications and training which I would recommend to any incoming graduates.