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Extracurricular activities for 1st years

Make the most of your 1st year - it's a fantastic time to explore what you are capable of doing and what you're interested in.

Want to make a big difference to your CV?

  • Push yourself - try things you've never done before. Don't worry if they don't all work out: employers love to hear about when you've bounced back after a setback.
  • Take part in group activities which lead to a specific end result. These make great answers for tricky application form and interview questions.
  • International students - if English isn't your first language, take part in plenty of extracurricular activities to really practise your English. As well as helping with your coursework, you'll need excellent English to get work experience, internships or even part-time work in the UK.

Already got lots on your CV?

That's a good start - but graduate employers will want to know what you did at university. Once you're in your final year, most school or college achievements will be too old to have much impact on your CV. Start replacing these achievements now!

  • Volunteer Giving back to the local community is a great way to feel part of Manchester, gain transferable skills, and widen your networks.
  • Join student societies Make the most of Manchester by getting involved in student organisations in your 1st year. By your final year, you could be taking responsibility for organising events, activities or running the society - which will look great on your CV.

Got a career in mind? You may need to start now

For some careers, using extracurricular activities or voluntary work to build your experience is critical - even in your 1st year.