Student Recruitment and Widening Participation Intern at The University of Manchester

Give a quick snapshot of your role.

I work in the Student Recruitment and Widening Participation Team, my main role is post-16 outward off campus recruitment. This means I visit schools, colleges and university fairs to talk to people about studying at the University of Manchester. I also support across the team on other activities including Open Days, Manchester Access Programme and other outreach activity.

Why did you choose MGT?

My MGT allowed me to continue working in an area that I was interested in and had worked in while I was student, offering a job in Manchester that supported development and progression in a sector that I was interested in.

How have you benefitted from your MGT?

I have benefitted from the opportunity to deliver real projects, gain experience and understanding across a range of activities. The MGT role specifically offers a range of benefits in terms of exposure to the breadth of activities; while there is a role description and key tasks to complete, there is a lot of flexibility within the team to take on new tasks or explore areas of interest.

What advice would you give someone considering MGT?

If possible, consider how the role fits into your broader plans – it might not be your dream job but it could be in the right area, sector or lead on to further roles in the future. You can make links and tailor your interests to make steps between roles, the smaller these steps are the easier the transition would be.

What are your plans for the future?

I’ve been looking at my future plans and applying for roles to start as my MGT job comes to an end, looking to make the most of my experiences in this role and how I can transfer those to future applications and situations; even if those are outside of the sector I currently work in.