Donor Stewardship Administrator, Henshaws

Give a quick snapshot of your role.

My MGT is within the fundraising department of Henshaws, a charity based in Old Trafford, which supports people living with a visual impairment and complex disabilities. My job title is Donor Stewardship Administrator, which basically means that I'm responsible for looking after all our donors - thanking them correctly, making sure that any feedback they have is relayed to the right place but most of all that they are happy! My job description had twenty bullet points on it, and it sure is a varied role! I have certain tasks that I do every week, such as importing and welcoming our new lottery players, writing and sending out thank you letters, and dealing with general fundraising enquiries, but there are lots of other tasks that I'm involved in so every day is different.

Why did you choose MGT?

I chose to do an MGT as I wanted to stay in Manchester after I graduated. I also liked that fact that a lot of the MGTs did not require you to have a degree in a certain subject, but asked instead for a degree class. They seemed to be geared towards the skills you had gained from your degree, rather than the content of it. This meant that I wasn't confined to MGTs that were to do with science.

How have you benefitted from your MGT?

Before I worked at Henshaws, I had had a little bit of experience fundraising, but since the start of my MGT I have learnt a lot more about the charity sector, and the different areas of fundraising that exist. I have gained skills in database use, donor care and working within a team in a professional environment. I have further developed my time management skills and also my organisation and prioritisation of my work load. I have attended training, and gained my Introductory Certificate in Fundraising. My MGT has given me insight into the world of fundraising, and helped me decide whether I want to pursue it. Most of all, my MGT has helped me identify what I enjoy doing, and also what I do not like doing, in a job (i.e. working in an office!)

What advice would you give someone considering MGT?

To anyone considering an MGT, I would say have a think about what type of job you might like, but also the skills you have gained from your degree and any other extra-curricular activities you have done during your time at uni. MGT is an opportunity to try out a job that maybe you hadn't thought about before and remember, everything is an experience, whether it is good or bad! If you do decide to apply for an MGT, the MGT team at the university were very helpful, so definitely take advantage of that.

What are your plans for the future?

My MGT finishes mid-August so I will have to start thinking about what I want to do afterwards. There is a possibility that there will be a job at Henshaws for me when I finish, which I would quite like. Or I might stay in fundraising, but try another type such as community fundraising. I've come to realise that maybe I'd like the job where I am not sitting in an office all day but instead getting out and about, and talking to people face to face rather than on the phone or via email! Who knows where I will end up...