Volunteering and Community Engagement Intern, The University of Manchester

Give a quick snapshot of your role

I am the Volunteering and Community Engagement Intern. My role primarily involves managing student volunteering events, particularly one-off events, such as planting hundreds of trees in a forest or on a riverbank or assisting with teas and coffees and chatting to elderly residents at an event put on by a local housing association. I also build and maintain some of our 300+ relationships with not-for-profit organisations/charities. Additionally, I look after the admin for the MLP volunteering confirmations whilst also supporting division-wide events.

Why did you choose MGT?

I chose MGT because this specific role really matched my skill set and knowledge and provided a solid, reliable year of paid work experience (a rare find in the third sector!) which is strongly relevant to the career I am pursuing. I also love the city and the University!

How have you benefitted from your MGT?

So far, my internship has benefitted me by offering me real-world work experience in which I am a valued member of staff. I have already massively built upon and developed my communications and network building skills as well as my confidence in my abilities!

What advice would you give someone considering MGT?

I would advise anyone considering an MGT to think about whether the role is something they would enjoy – you have to do it for a whole year and it works out so much better for everyone (including yourself) if you enjoy your work. It’s also a great chance to test the water and try new things – you often learn really valuable transferrable skills which you can take with you to any career!

What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future are to go on to a MA in International Development here at the University, and hopefully on to work in the International Development Sector.