The Equality Act protects Trans* people from discrimination, harassment and victimisation when applying for jobs and when in the workplace. Anyone who decides to, starts to or has completed the process of changing their gender is protected under the Act. So too are those who have decided to live as another gender without undergoing any medical procedure (for example if a man decides to live as a woman).

Support and advice

The following websites may be of use to you.

  • Stonewall A campaign group supporting the Trans* community.
  • Gender Trust Organisation provides advice for all people affected by gender identity issues.

Finding trans* positive employers

Graduate Employers

As previously stated, under the Equality Act, employers cannot discriminate against Trans* applicants or employees. In this sense, all graduate employers should be Trans* positive. However, some organisations may do more to support this community than others or have been recognised by campaign groups for their work in this area. Use employer websites to find out about the initiatives they may be involved in or the support that they make available to their Trans* employees. The following resources from campaign group Stonewall list LGBT friendly employers and sectors.

Internships & Work Experience

A number of other programmes, internships and insight days exist that are specifically designed for Trans* students and graduates. Below is a list of some of the opportunities that may interest you.

  • Inside & Out Investment Banking Internships open to 1st and 2nd year LGBT students.
  • DiversCity in Law Event for LGBT students interested in a career as a lawyer in the City.