Under the Equality Act, it is illegal for an employer to discriminate against you because of your race or ethnicity. The Act protects you from direct or indirect discrimination and from harassment or victimization on the basis of your race.

Support and Advice

The following website may be of use to you.

  • Race for Opportunity Business in the community campaign committed to improving employment opportunities across the UK.

Finding employers committed to racial diversity

Graduate Employers

Employer websites can often be a good way of finding out how racially diverse their workforce is, and how committed they are to employing people from different ethnicities. Many employers will have an equality statement on their site or a section on equality and diversity. You can also use employee profiles to gauge the diversity of the current workforce. The following resources list graduate employers that have signed up to specific race diversity initiatives.

Internship, Work Experience & Events

A number of networks, programmes, internships and insight days exist that are specifically designed for students from ethnic minority backgrounds. Below are some opportunities you may be interested in exploring further.