Careers Service

Alice Gaudet

Name: Alice Gaudet
Course: LLB Law
Year of Study: Second year
Graduation Year: 2019

“In the past the need to work full-time over the summer has prevented me from finding work placements as many are far away, unpaid, or short term. I'm interested in a career in the public sector, working on improving infrastructure and tackling social issues, and have really enjoyed studying administrative law. I was delighted to be successful in getting a research internship with a health and social care statutory watchdog away from home, but rent and travel costs would have taken a huge chunk out of my limited earnings, leaving me very little to live on during the summer and to support myself during the next academic year. Support from the Work Experience Bursary enabled me to undertake this fantastic opportunity without worrying about money. I really enjoyed my internship and look forward to talking about it in upcoming interviews, in addition to putting the skills I developed into action in my final year! Without the bursary I wouldn't have been able to take up the opportunity to experience a fascinating area of work related to my career aspirations, and build my CV."