Webinars and online talks

Alongside our programme of events we run webinars which are online talks you can join live. Full details of upcoming webinars and how to register can be found on CareerConnect.

You can also explore the playlists on our Careers Service YouTube channel for recorded webinars and videos on a range of career topics.

Careers need to know webinars

Explore our bitesize videos on need to know careers topics.

Options after graduation

  • Choosing your Career Are you struggling to decide which career path to follow, or feeling overwhelmed with all the options? This recorded session will introduce you to career decision making and help arm you with some strategies to move forward with your career plan.

Passport Career system webinars

In addition to our Careers Service webinars, the Passport Career System provides online training sessions each month for students interested in working outside the UK and international students returning home or looking for work in another country.

University of Manchester students and eligible graduates can register a Passport Career account for free using our institution registration code.

Once logged in, select the 'global career training' menu for further details of sessions and to register.