What is Third Sector Club?

The Third Sector is any non-governmental organisation which is non-profit making and may be a charity, a voluntary community group or a cooperative.

The Third Sector club is exclusively for University of Manchester students who are interested in working or volunteering in the sector. We run a Facebook group posting job adverts and volunteering opportunities, news articles and events to give students an insight into the diverse nature of the roles and organisations within this sector.

Why join?

You can connect with people working in the sector, hear their stories, find out about opportunities, and learn about which path you may want to explore further. Watch out on CareerConnect or the facebook group for dates and details.

How do I join?

Upcoming events

Details of Third Sector Club events can be found on CareerConnect and are included on our Facebook group.

Please check for details, and any last minute changes, on CareerConnect and click on ‘book’ to let us know you’re coming!