Future Fortnight 2023

Monday 12 - Friday 23 June 2023

Future Fortnight is a two week programme of career workshops and events happening after the exam period, between Monday, 12 June and Friday, 23 June 2023.

The programme is aimed at final year students of all degree levels who are graduating in 2023, but all students and recent graduates are welcome to come along. There will be a mix of online and in person events, so whether you are still in Manchester or you have already moved away, you can still access the programme.

Check out the full schedule below for more information.

Week 1

Monday, 12 June

Tuesday, 13 June

Wednesday, 14 June

Thursday, 15 June

Friday, 16 June

Week 2

Monday, 19 June

Tuesday, 20 June

Wednesday, 21 June

Thursday, 22 June

Friday, 23 June