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What is Enterprise Club?

Enterprise is the ability to handle uncertainty and respond positively to change, to create and implement new ideas and ways of doing things, to make reasonable risk/reward assessments and to act upon them in one’s personal life.

Enterprise Club is exclusive to University of Manchester students that want to develop their enterprising skills. From starting your own business to being a self-employed artist, Enterprise Club is a community of students that want to work differently. We offer events and opportunities that are designed to help you learn more about what it means to be enterprising and help you turn your passion into your future.

Why should I join?

As a member, you will receive notification of enterprise events, industry news and opportunities. You must be a member of Enterprise Club to receive invitations to these events.

You can also connect with and hear the stories of students and recent graduates that are enterprising, from those starting their own businesses through to those working as creative freelancers.

How do I join?

For further information or if you have any queries regarding Enterprise Club, please contact