CPA Australia: Headline Sponsor of the Asia Careers Insight Series 2021

The University of Manchester and University of Warwick would like to extend their warmest gratitude and thank CPA Australia for its continued collaboration and support.

Organisation facts

Founded in 1886, CPA Australia is one of the world’s largest professional accounting bodies, representing more than 164,000 members across 150 countries and regions around the world. More than 25,000 of our members are currently working in senior leadership positions. CPA Australia has offices in all Australian capital cities, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. CPA Australia is a member of International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), and is one of the designated assessment authorities for accountants intending to apply for migration to Australia.

Our vision is to partner with members to prepare for today and tomorrow in a globally connected world, and we are committed to advancing trusted and valued accounting and business professionals who work to enhance their communities.

International affiliations

CPA Australia has affiliations with a range of leading accounting bodies all around the world. These include CPA Canada, CMA Canada, CIMA, CIPFA, CPA Ireland, HKICPA, ICAI, ICPAS and MIA. This network ensures you enjoy access to a range of resources and other benefits while working overseas.

Employer Recognition

As a global qualification, CPA Australia is widely recognized by Multi-national companies (MNCs) as well as State-owned enterprises (SOEs) and Private-owned enterprises (POEs) with international business services. Our members are from a range of very diverse industries. i.e. international accounting firms, investment banks, state owned corporations, technology companies. You will find our members working at but not limited to the Big 4 accounting firms, Royal Shell, JP Morgan, Starbucks, Tencent, Huawei.

With our recognised employer partners (REPs) program, you are likely to have more opportunities for promotion, exam fee reimbursement, study leave etc. by being a member of CPA Australia.

Many of our member holds senior job titles including financial controller, finance director, finance manager, or executive level jobs such as CFO, COO, Managing Director. Over 25,000 of CPA Australia members are in senior leadership positions.

The CPA Programme

The CPA Program is made up of two key components:

  1. Six CPA Program subjects, and
  2. Your Experience Requirement

To become a fully qualified CPA you must have completed a degree level qualification recognised by CPA Australia. Your degree can be completed while you are studying the CPA Program. The recognition of degree level studies is also important as exemptions from Foundation exams can only be gained from completed subjects that CPA Australia recognises are at degree level.

Bachelor of Science in Accounting delivered at The University of Manchester, Manchester campus is accredited by CPA Australia. Applicants who have successfully completed the study of relevant subjects within the accredited course will be guaranteed exemptions from all foundation exams. More information can be found via accredited course search.


Contact Information

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