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Finding work in small or medium size businesses

A small business is typically a company that employs fewer than 250 people so this also includes start-up businesses plus entrepreneurs starting up a brand new venture which may one day turn into another Apple or Virgin.

You may see and hear the acronym 'SME' which stands for a Small or Medium-sized Enterprise - basically this is a small business.

Reasons to consider working for an SME

  • Currently around 90% of the workforce in the European Union work for SMEs, so they are an important growth area for graduate recruitment. Greater Manchester alone has around 58,000 SMEs
  • They tend to be growing organisations and cover just about every business area and function.
  • As they are small their recruitment practices tend to be a little more informal; they are often happy to receive speculative applications, you should consider networking to make contacts.
  • You may find training is more about learning on the job, you may have more resonsibility sooner, your decisions make more of an impact and you will be working closely with senior staff.

Lots of our students and graduates work for SMEs and have a great experience. As with any sized company there are both pros and cons. Take a look at this SME guide which provides a valuable insight into what it’s like to work for a SME.

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