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TV, radio and film

For those more interested in TV, radio and film, there are a range of jobs from those on screen to those behind the scenes. Directing/production, research, editing, wardrobe, choreographers and more technical roles like sound engineering.

Getting in and getting experience

In film many people start as a production runner, where you may asked to help do anything from making the tea to coordinating extras. It's a great way to get known and make contacts, but even to get this job you need some kind of experience on your CV to demonstrate motivation and enthusiasm.

Technical Careers in the Media: The BBC recruit engineers annually (around November) to carry out research & development (R&D) on all aspects of digital television and radio, and the application of enhanced techniques and computer systems for making programmes in the studio. The BBC R&D web pages have more information about technology careers in broadcasting and the media. These teams play a lead role in developing production techniques and systems for the new generation of interactive programmes. Positions are available for industrial placements and graduate trainee technologists:

It's the same for most media related roles technical, administrative or performance, try to get experience while at university; making short films, drama productions, student radio or community media.

  • Join Media Club Meet with industry professionals and ask questions.
  • Trainee placements Even if you didn't do an accredited course in film or TV you may still be able to get a traineeship if you have had some experience.
  • Becoming a filmmaker Advice and profiles for propsective film makers.
  • Useful links for TV Includes independent production companies and professional organisations.
  • Funding and briefs Includes film, dance and other creative industries.