Careers Service

Guidance appointments at The Atrium University Place

A one to one appointment to discuss your career ideas and plans with a Careers Consultant. Guidance appointments are not suitable for CV and application feedback please use the Applications Advice service.

  • The agenda for your appointment will be agreed according to your requirements. It does not matter whether you have an idea about a career you are interested in or are completely clueless.
  • Appointments are conducted in a private room and are confidential within the Careers Service.
  • Appointments are subject to availability.
  • If you arrive late for a careers appointment it may not be practical to give you the advice you need and you may be asked to rebook.

Appointment duration

  • A guidance appointment lasts up to 30 minutes. In peak periods (September-October) we offer 15 minute Next Steps appointments.
  • Students and graduates with a disability may book an appointment of up to 60 minutes. In peak periods we offer 30 minute appointments. Please mention your disability when you book so we can ensure that you are offered the time and expertise to meet your needs.

Location and preparation

How to book

Guidance appointments are available on referral only. You will need an initial consultation with member of the Information Team to explore the nature of your enquiry and who may be able to help you immediately. They will refer you to the most appropriate service or for an appointment as necessary.
Discuss your enquiry with a member of the Information Team in person at the Careers desk in The Atrium or by telephone: 0161 275 2829.
You will be asked to:

  • Provide your student ID number, name and up to date contact details.
  • Complete your CareersLink profile online before your appointment so that the consultant knows a little more about you. This will save time in your appointment.

Need to cancel your appointment?

If you are unable to make or no longer need your appointment please cancel it in good time.
To cancel: please ring 0161 275 2829.

Get advice in your school

Need help with career planning or a CV? Can't make it to Uni Place?