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Do you want advice from a professional who has successfully completed a research degree?

The Manchester Gold Mentoring programme has been running for over 15 years and is highly regarded by both mentors and students. You will choose your own mentor and be in contact with them over a six-month period. You will need to dedicate around 2 hours per month to this mentoring programme, to ensure that it is a worthwhile experience for both you and your mentor.

By registering to be mentored, you’ll gain first hand insight and guidance from successful alumni of the University, who can let you know what working a particular sector – academic or non-academic - is really like.

A mentor can also advise you on applying for placements, internships or jobs in the run up to graduation and address the unique employability opportunities and challenges you’ll encounter.

Doctoral Research students at any stage in their degree can apply to join the scheme. You’ll be matched with a mentor in a one-to-one relationship over a six-month period. Contact with your mentor via a flexible combination of meetings, email, Skype and telephone conversations, as convenient for you and your mentor.

Further information

You can find out more about the scheme in the Mentoring section of our website.