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Take Action

Have the courage to apply or put yourself forward for jobs or other opportunities which could be useful to your future career.

Understand when opportunities are likely to occur - jobs, internships, student competitions, open days. What do you need to do in advance to be ready to take up opportunities as soon as you spot them?

Take Action - how are you doing?

If you're an undergraduate at the University of Manchester, try our My Future questionnaire (login to My Manchester required) to find out where you're strong and what you could do now to improve.

Want some further help?

Here are some resources and ideas to support you in:

  • Working towards your future throughout your degree - what to do, when to do it?
  • Constructing good job applications
  • Preparing for interviews and assessment centres

What to do, when to do it?

Everyone's career paths and plans are different, but here are some "rules of thumb" of what to do and when to do it throughout your degree:

  • 1st year undergraduate Take part in at least one extra-curricular activity; start to write a CV; get some work or voluntary experience; start to explore which careers interest you.
  • Middle years (2nd year to pre-final year) undergraduate Explore which careers interest you; build up your experience and your skills; build your connections - your supporters club.
  • Final year undergraduate Actions for your final year, whenever you get started - from summer to November, from December to May, and from June and beyond.
  • Masters Our "Career Success for Masters" pdf and timetable will help you get to grips with a very intensive year of study and still come out with your next step sorted.
  • Doctoral researchers Our year-by-year guide highlights actions you can take throughout your PhD.

Want to know what events and activities are available to you?

  • Careers Timetable for Academic Year 2017-18 A one page summary of the main careers events and activities this academic year.
  • CareersLink All our centrally organised employer and careers events, talks and workshops, plus national employer events open to University of Manchester students.
  • Your School Many Schools organise their own activities, particularly with alumni. Your Student reps or School administrators should be able to give you more information.

Constructing good job applications

Preparing for interviews and assessment centres