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Learn how to put together great CVs, applications and covering letters. Find out how to prepare well for interviews and assessment centres and build your confidence in doing presentations, before you have to present to an employer. Think about how you might appear to potential employers on social media and start to develop your professional online profile.

Use your time during your degree to practice these skills, get feedback and improve, so you're ready and confident in taking your next step in your final year.

Communicate - how are you doing?

If you're an undergraduate at the University of Manchester, try our My Future questionnaire (login to My Manchester required) to find out where you're strong and what you could do now to improve.

Want some further help?

Here are some resources and ideas to support you in:

  • CVs & applications
  • Interviews
  • Developing your professional profile online
  • Communicating with confidence - including presentations

CVs and Applications

  • CV and LinkedIn Guide Our downloadable guide to the standard 2 page chronological format UK CV, including using examples from work and voluntary experience in CVs, tailoring and structuring your CVs, example CVs and a list of good words to use in CVs.
  • Skills based CV guide Additional information and example of a skills based CV format
  • Industry specific guidelines Specific tips for 1 page resumes (for US applications or investment banks), law CVs and creative sector CVs
  • Example CVs Over 20 example CVs for different types of jobs
  • CVs Online resources and current workshops on CVs available through My Learning Essentials
  • Covering letter guide Our downloadable guide to covering letters, including speculative letters, emailing a covering letter and example covering letter
  • Application form guide Our downloadable guide to application forms, including finding evidence to include, structuring answers and applications for further study
  • Applications advice Get help, face-to-face or by email, on your applications and CVs


  • Preparing for interviews Our downloadable guide to interviews including preparation, different interview formats, types of questioning, interview technique on the day and sample questions.
  • Interview practice and preparation How to get help and support for interviews as a University of Manchester student, including interview simulations.

Developing your professional profile online

Communicating with confidence - including presentations

If you would like to become a more confident communicator, why not address it in small steps? You could start wherever you feel comfortable but plan to "take it up a level" in regular steps.

  • Dread being asked questions in tutorials? Why not come with an issue to raise and speak up early? Then, you've broken the ice on your own terms (makes it easier to speak again), and probably avoided being landed with the difficult question which everyone is dreading.
  • If you're nervous with new people, think about volunteering, particularly where you have a defined but limited role communicating with others eg. serving customers in a charity shop. As you grow in confidence, you can put yourself in more challenging volunteer roles.
  • If presentations worry you, why not devise your own presentation skills course, where you observe and critique others presenting - your lecturers, other students, video presentations? If you get together with friends, you can discuss what works and what doesn't. You could also approach great presenters and ask them how they learnt. You may be surprised to find how nervous they were originally.
  • You could see if your School has opportunities to take modules where presentations are part of the module, but don't count towards the final assessment.
  • Getting involved with student societies early in your degree could build your support network and give you the confidence to volunteer for a committee or leadership role later on. This will improve your communication skills and look great on your CV.
  • Communicating with Confidence A credit-bearing module from University College, giving you the chance to learn how to communicate effectively, including presenting. The course creates a safe interactive participative environment.
  • What's the big idea? Developing and organising your argument Using your analytical and critical thinking skills from your degree can also help you construct strong application and interview answers. This online workshop from My Learning Essentials could help you with personal statements and application form answers.
  • Speaking out in Groups A workshop from Counselling to help you if speaking out in a group fills you with dread. NB This workshop does not cover presentation skills.
  • Presentation skills Our downloadable guide to presentation skills including dealing with nerves, body language, structuring and delivering your presentations
  • Presentations A suite of online resources on presentations from My Learning Essentials, including designing and structuring your presentations, tips and visual aids, and presenting with confidence
  • Presentations Upcoming workshops on presentations from My Learning Essentials