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Sravanti Peri: Planting Designer

  • Degree: MA Urban Regeneration and Development (2013)
  • Home country: India
  • Now working: China
  • My role now: Planting Designer at Double Green Landscape Planning International Co. Ltd, China

My story

Responsibilities in my current role

Concept development and related studies; Preparation of technical/CAD drawings as assigned; Design, develop, modify and review drawings for different landscape projects; Site visits, meetings, BOQ and reports; Participation in office activities, initiatives, and learning programs to further professional development of self and more junior designers; Work closely with Projects Directors and other internal team members to meet overall project objectives.

Technical and theoretical skills

Previously, I was technically very strong in consideration to urban designs and landscape designs that are required for any scale of development. However, after my Master degree in urban regeneration and development, I became very strong theoretically as well. Theoretical knowledge helped me think more logically while doing concept design of any project, hence, better designs/ plans and better world.

Relocation to Wuhan, China!

A Masters degree in urban regeneration and development helped me to boost my career. As a result, my CV got enhanced and loads of opportunities relevant to my degrees from worldwide keep on coming to me.

In February 2014, I moved to India to spend some quality time with my family. On the other hand, I was working at home and looking for urban design/ landscape jobs outside India. Finally, I got a job as a planting designer in a landscape design company in China. I got this job based on my CV which became eye catching after my international Master degree from one of top university of the world. My past experience and my life throughout my Manchester life act a guide towards my present job.

After China, I want to move to Europe for a PhD or job and then have my own design company and orphanage. In this way, I will be able to travel whole world, which is my biggest dream.

My time in Manchester

In 2012, I got enrolled in the University of Manchester on a student loan (as I was not able to get any scholarship) to do MA in urban regeneration and development. However, from the very start, I decided not take any money from my parents and at the same time, take money from the bank only for academic purposes, which inculcated the strength and strong desire to do all available part-time jobs. In the whole period of my postgraduate study, I didn’t take a single penny from my parents and extra money from the bank and finished my degree successfully.

Part-time jobs I did while I was studying at Manchester:

  • Kiosk assistant - Manchester United Football Club
  • Promoter (leafleting work) - Indian events and Red Rum Bar
  • Volunteer (management and organisation) - Indian Association of Manchester
  • Promoter Dominos (wearing those dominos boxes and standing on the road for hours)
  • Bar tender - Red Rum Bar
  • Kitchen assistant - Punjab Tandoori restaurant
  • Volunteer - play school

Friendship at Manchester

Because of Manchester, I got the opportunity to meet and work with exceptionally talented people from all over the world. All of them were down to earth, self-dependent and very friendly people. This motivated my day to day professional and personal life a lot. Even during busy academic life, we used to have loads and loads of fun without any negligence towards our studies.

Experience before Manchester

I always wanted to do architecture and fashion designing. Hence, I had a gap year after my 12th standard to prepare for National Institute of Fashion Designing (NIFT) and All India Entrance Exam (AIEEE). In that particular period along with exam preparations, I was taking tuitions for school children to earn money and buy different preparation books without turning to my parents. Finally, I got enrolled in an architecture college with great difficulty due to financial situation of my family. I was a consistent performer in my college and I was able to receive PV Narishma Rao, ex-Prime Minister of India award (PVNR) for being academic top of my batch. In addition, best outgoing student award for being top among all affiliated universities of JNTU, Hyderabad, India.

Experience during my Bachelor degree

While I was doing my Bachelor degree of architecture, to support myself I again worked as a tutor for school children. As part of my Bachelor degree, I did an internship in a Delhi based landscape firm under a very famous landscape architect. Under his guidance and supervision, I worked on many national and international projects. Thereafter, I worked as a landscape architect in a Bangalore based landscape firm and enhanced my technical skills. Then, as a landscape architect in a Bhubneshwar (India) based architectural firm where I got the opportunity to solely work on different Orissa Tourism Development Corporation (OTDC) projects.

Suggestions for other students

Suggestions for your career:

Believe in yourself, be confident and focus on what you are doing. Good listening and writing skills are a must and it's always good to have at least an initial level of experience prior to doing any masters degree. Apart from that, knowledge of software such as photoshop, GIS, Microsoft office, SPSS and etc will be required to carry your assignments.

Suggestions to individuals:

Never give up and just face the hurdles in your life without depending on anyone. Success will be yours despite of any kind of difficulty. Don't be selfish and help others, share your knowledge with your fellow students. Being selfish and egotistic will only ditch you later. Further, always try to have a balance between your studies and social life (basic entertainment), but don't involve yourself in nasty and illegal things.

Believe in yourself, be confident and focus on what you're are doing.Sravanti Peri, 2013 graduate