Careers Service

Yasharth Tahiliani: Junior Technical Developer

  • Degree: BSc (Hons) Computer Science (2013)
  • Home country: India
  • Now working: UK
  • Now working: Junior Technical Developer at Reading Room - a digital agency in Manchester.

My story

I started programming when I was in year 6 in school, and in BASIC. I started to develop a keen interest in the subject, and I went on to learn Java in Year 9,10 and then did C++ in year 11 and 12. I practised a lot of programming therefore, and the basics that I learnt then provided a strong base for my degree and my career. The good thing about studying in India is that the school years prepare you very well for your years in University as the school curriculum is so intense.

Job hunting

My experience of job hunting in the UK was very good. The industry looks for skilled talent, and The University of Manchester stands out as a top option for employers, especially in the science subjects.

I was really prepared before my graduation

The course prepared us really well for the industry. We learnt a lot about the software engineering methodologies that are used, and the lab assignments, and knowledge gained in various themes of computer science prepared us well for work. Also, our final year dissertation taught us well about doing research on a subject, presenting and reporting it.

Internship at TalkTalk Technology!

From September, I was an intern at TalkTalk and my responsibilities included a broad range including developing applications and UI as part of the CA User Interface Delivery Team; developing code in C#, ASP.NET; and database development using MsSQL, and MySQL. I was also involved in bug fixes, task management, unit testing and work on pet projects for the department.

My time in Manchester

The best place to do computer science

I chose this course because The University of Manchester came up as one of the best places to do Computer Science in the world, during my research. Also, it is home to the world's first programmable computer, plus a heritage of Alumni such as Alan Turing, motivated me to come here. The whole environment is very motivating. The professors are very friendly, and will do anything to make sure the students understand the subject well. Also, we had a number of lab assignments, and you would see all your fellow course mates working hard with you every day.

The Careers Service helped me a lot

In the start of our 2nd year we were made to attend a week long workshop and the Career Service staff taught us everything about job applications, from tailoring your CV and application to the job you apply for, to writing a very good and convincing covering letter. Also, before my job interview I went through a mock interview with someone from the Careers Service and that was really helpful in helping me get a job.

Extra-curricular activities

I also did a couple of Stand-Up Comedy Shows in University and the response was very good!

Suggestions for other students

My advice to prospective Indian students would be to give the course your best, work very hard, and stay on top of things. You shall be rewarded well at the end.

Give the course your best, work very hard, and stay on top of things. You shall be rewarded well at the end.Yasharth Tahiliani, 2013 graduate