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General Manager: Rogers Siima

  • Degree: MSc Human Resource Management &Development (2013)
  • Home country: Uganda
  • Now working: Uganda
  • Role: General Manager at Uganda Tea Corporation Limited

My story

Started as a trainee

I started as a Management Trainee, became an Estates Engineer and thereafter was promoted to Estates Manager. From the Estate Manager position became an Assistant Engineering Manager. I changed organization and became a General Manager of Small Holder Tea Factory in Western Uganda. I came to Uganda Tea Corporation because of my outstanding performance at a Small Holder Tea Factory.

My greatest achievement to date is...

..turning a non-profitable company to a profitable one. The organization profits have grown by more than 100%. Stabilizing the operations of the Company and improving industrial relationships that were a big challenge for the organization. As said an organization that does not innovate faces closure. I'm spearheading business process re-engineering of the Company to improve profitability. This is mainly through training of workers and improving efficiency and effectiveness through use of technology.

My time in Manchester

My study at Manchester was long distance and online. Most of the time I was busy in office running Company operations.

The resources that are provided by the University and the outstanding lecturers along with the various cultures that you interact with make Manchester the University to be. Experience of sharing knowledge across different cultural set-ups is amazing. It is an experience that I would urge many to take advantage of. It is international exposure that can make me traverse the universe. Without the skills obtained through The University of Manchester modules such as organization development and organization behaviour, it would have been difficult for me to bring Uganda Tea Corporation to it's current position.

Suggestions for other students

Make the most of the knowledge you’ve learned and take the challenge

I would encourage you to take up challenges. The skills, knowledge obtained from Manchester are comparable to none. Excellent tutors not only give you knowledge but encourage you to discover other capabilities in you.

I would encourage anyone to take up the challenge. The skills, knowledge obtained from Manchester are comparable to none.Rogers Siima, 2013 graduate